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Hello, I'm Ralph or Charlie and I'm a Michigander. Here you can find some of the funniest shit on the internet. I apologize if I posted something of your's without asking. If you want it taken down, let me know. If you haven't posted in two weeks or at all, I assume that you are not active and will not follow you. If you would like to contact me, ask for my Kik or Skype. If I really like you, maybe even my number. Enjoy.
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Asker i-am-tia Asks:
I like your blog and your dimples are cute. Good job with that. Oh and thankx for the follow back. you didn't have to. :)
that-damn-water-temple that-damn-water-temple Said:

nah. they aren’t that cute. thanks you and no problems.

hawt dayum.

#Lions #fordfield #football

Let’s kick Tigers. #Tigers #baseball #Detroit (at Comerica Park)

so awesome.

#selfie (at My Home :))



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That’s why he’s a work of art

Then why wasn’t he nominated for Titanic?

(via nun-pregnant)

Sitting in traffic on my way to class. #selfie (at this god damn traffic)



I Will Always Be…Your Friend by *Sage-of-Winds

I am…and shall always be….your friend

Wow. This hurt. 

ow ok feels

#hungry #me #is #hungry (at Harbor View Cafe)

oh god XD